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Who will be the VC for a Day?

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In deepening the Vice-Chancellor’s agenda towards student-centred learning, mentoring and integration, this is a call for a one-day student Vice-Chancellor contest.

This platform provides an opportunity for students of Bowen University to vie for the position of the Vice-Chancellor for one day, making way for students’ participation in University administration.

The successful applicant will have full responsibility of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for one day (24 hours) as well as the paraphernalia of office.

This University is an equal opportunity institution; therefore, no student applicant would be discriminated against based on gender, age and race. The application stages, process and details are highlighted below:




Applicants to the position are to meet these minimum requirements:

Applicants must be in the relevant Level of study as shown above; Applicants must meet the minimum CGPA of 4.00 or equivalent; Applicants must exhibit leadership traits; and Applicants must not have been sanctioned by the Students’ Disciplinary Committee (SDC) or any other statutory organ of the University for any offence.

What candidate will provide:

  1. Name: Surname, First name and Other name
  2. Matriculation number
  3. Gender
  4. College
  5. Programme
  6. Level of study
  7. CGPA as at the end of 2021/2022 First Semester
  8. Names, mobile number and official e-mail addresses of:
    1. Academic advisor/mentor
    2. Professional advisor/mentor